Top Tips to Help Prevent ID Theft

1. Subscribe to a reputable company that not only monitors your credit on an ongoing, 24 hour, 7 day/week basis, but also provides RESTORATION when you are a victim.

2. Cross cut shred all junk mail/documents with personal information on them before throwing them away.

3. Mail all outgoing mail from a secure location such as an official United States Post Office box.

4. Never give your personal information out to anyone unless you initiate the contact.

5. When making online purchases, make sure that you are on a secure website. It will have an s after the http (ie: https://).

6. Copy the contents of your purse/wallet and keep in a safe place.

7. Don’t just sign the back of your credit cards. Specify “Photo ID Required” or “Please see ID” with your signature.

8. Never carry your social security card in your wallet/purse.

9. Check your bank and credit card statements regularly.

10. Keep your blank checks in a secure location. When ordering new checks, have them mailed to your bank (not your home). Use your first and middle initials with your last name and your cellphone number vs. your home phone. Don’t carry your checkbook unless you know you will need it that day.

11. When writing checks, use a felt tip marker or gel pen. Do not use a ballpoint pen.

12. Ladies, hold onto your purse while shopping. Never leave it in the cart unattended.

13. Take your trash to the curb the morning of, not the night before, it is due to be picked up. At the curb, it becomes public property.

14. Use a separate credit card with a low limit to shop online.